Resolution of conflicts

Every person’s upbringing and background are different. Misunderstandings between people can easily arise and often lead to conflict.

In addition to mediation, there are a number of other alternative conflict resolution options for resolving such conflicts, which we would be happy to explain to you in more detail during an introductory call or in a personal meeting.


Mediation is a structured, professional, voluntary and confidential procedure for the amicable resolution and processing of conflicts. Mediation is not about guilt and justice, but about your interests and needs. Once we have identified your interests and needs together, we will look for the best possible solutions that you can implement. In the course of the process, you will gain clarity about why your conflict exists and how you can best deal with it. Mediation is always forward-looking instead of seeking out faults in the past.

What are the requirements for mediation?

  • Transparent and open communication
  • Serious interest in finding a joint solution
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Active participation in the process
  • Compliance with the jointly agreed rules of the process

What is the role of the mediator?

The mediator is an independent and neutral mediator, not a particular party’s representative. He/She is responsible for the mediation process and uses different mediation styles and approaches depending on a given situation.

Does the mediator provide legal advice?

No, the mediator is a mediator, impartial, and not a lawyer. If necessary, experts from other fields are called to assist with the process.

When can mediation be useful?

  • For interpersonal issues
  • In the event of tensions in a team
  • At work
  • In the event of tensions at school or in the private sphere
  • For intergenerational conflicts

The above list is not exhaustive. We would be happy to provide you with non-binding information on whether mediation is a suitable and expedient course of action depending on your situation.

What is the actual procedure?

Contact us

Send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will get back to you within one working day.

Conflict screening

Your mediator listens to you, discusses the requirements for mediation with you and together you determine the path that is best for you.

Solution finding

Various approaches are outlined and discussed, and possible solutions are developed.

Record solution

The preferred solution is recorded in an agreement at the request of the parties involved.