We have all been at a point where we have realized that we are not getting anywhere. Such realization often triggers uncertainty, and perhaps also helplessness or frustration.

With our knowledge and many years of experience, we accompany you on the path to new perspectives and solutions. We do so individually, with a great deal of commitment, interest, and openness.

A consultation consists of one or more one-to-one meetings, in which the causes and effects of the issue in question are clarified. Among other things, the aim is to look at a situation from different angles, and then work out suggestions for how to proceed. Depending on your wishes, you will receive a variety of suggestions or tips during the consultation, which you can try out if they seem right for you.


In challenging situations, it is often difficult to organize your thoughts, keep calm and look for objective options.

We accompany you through this process and support you in working through and resolving the difficult situation before you in the best possible way. Our support can take the form of physical accompaniment in difficult conversations, sessions or individual support in the background. We can offer several approaches, but you ultimately decide and shape your own path.