Change Coaching

From early summer 2024

Coaching focuses on the constantly changing circumstances of today's world. Change happens - in a moment and constantly. Since we, as human beings, seek security, change is not easy and constantly presents us with new challenges. We know this very well ourselves and support you in finding your way through change.

We see coaching as a partnership with you. It is based on the conviction that the answers to questions that arise already lie within you. The task of a coach is to clarify what your visions and goals are. What do you want to change or improve?

It's all about you and how we can support you on your unique path. You decide which topics you want to tackle.

In our coaching we adhere to the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

How do we do that?

After clarifying the framework and finding agreement on the approach, we will ask you important questions and encourage you to let your intuition, your inner compass, speak for you. We help you to find your own answers that are right for you, and we equip you with important tools for this. Coaching is geared towards the present and the future.

What is the goal?

The aim is for you to find your own unique path for each situation and to end the inner restlessness or the feeling of being at the mercy of others and stuck.

We believe in you and your potential, and so can you.